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Spider Thermo assists businesses operating in heavily regulated industries in effectively managing environmental monitoring, auditing, and compliance. This is achieved through the utilization of advanced WiFi and Cellular wireless sensor technology, cloud data management, and mobile-web monitoring.

Spider Thermo's Mission

At Spider Thermo, our mission is to empower businesses and individuals with advanced data-logging solutions that revolutionize monitoring and support informed decision-making. We specialize in designing, manufacturing, and distributing cutting-edge data loggers that incorporate temperature, humidity, door contacts, water, CO2, and various other sensors. Our devices boast unparalleled connectivity options, seamlessly connecting via cellular (LTE-M) or Wi-Fi networks. We are committed to delivering reliable, real-time data by harnessing the power of our devices and transmitting sensor updates directly to our user-friendly portal. Our innovative technology ensures that customers are promptly notified if any sensor readings deviate from the desired range, enabling proactive measures. Additionally, our data loggers are engineered to surpass traditional solutions. They are designed to detect and report power outages even when internet access is compromised, offering a unique advantage over other solutions. We proudly offer NIST calibration services to our customers, guaranteeing the accuracy and reliability of our data loggers. Our commitment to the rigorous standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) ensures our devices deliver precise and reliable measurements. With our NIST calibration services, customers can have absolute confidence in the data collected by our loggers, enabling them to make crucial decisions with accuracy and peace of mind. We aim to deliver exceptional quality, dependability, and value to our customers, equipping them to monitor their environments with confidence. At Spider Thermo, our dedication to excellence motivates us to continuously innovate and evolve our products, maintaining our position at the industry's forefront. By combining cutting-edge technology with exceptional customer support, we aspire to be the trusted partner for businesses seeking efficient, accurate, and scalable data logging solutions. Together, we are shaping a future in which reliable data-driven insights empower organizations across various industries, unlocking new possibilities and boosting operational efficiency. Join us on this journey as we continue to redefine the boundaries of data logging and drive transformative change in the way we monitor our surroundings.

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Our Distinctive Approach to Monitoring Solutions

  • Simplified Implementation: Our cellular technology eliminates the need to work with IT staff and gain access to internal networks, making installation seamless.

  • Cost-Effective Business Model: Our business model includes devices, services, and monthly monitoring at a low fee per device, eliminating the need for large capital expenses.

  • NIST Calibration Services: Spider Thermo offers on-site management, tracking, and calibration of devices, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

  • Made in the USA: All Spider Thermo devices and technology are proudly manufactured in the USA, ensuring high-quality standards and supporting local businesses.

  • Veteran Owned: As a Veteran Owned company based in Mount Laurel, NJ, we prioritize seamless collaboration and dedication to our clients.

Support You Can Rely On

Spider Thermo's monitoring system includes multiple alarm notification methods, ensuring that the right people are immediately alerted to any issues before they escalate.

Should any monitored parameters fall outside the designated range, the designated personnel are promptly notified via phone, email, or text message.

Monitoring System
Temperature Data Logger

Data You Can Learn From

Environmental monitoring systems have never been as intelligent or easy to use as they are today. Features of advanced analysis include customizable data groupings, interactive graphs, tables, plan views, and access to historical environmental data.

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