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Pediatric Vaccines

Optimize pediatric vaccine storage with cost-effective, real-time tracking.

Maintain compliance with all CDC Vaccine programs and significantly streamline operations in the pediatric vaccine sector using our real-time audit reporting and NIST calibration services. Ensure maximum safety and efficacy in vaccine storage and handling, and eliminate IT complexities, through a cost-effective business model that eliminates the need for substantial capital expenditure.

Always On

Just as the immune system never rests, neither does our 24/7 continuous monitoring system. With battery back-up and notifications for vaccine storage conditions, even during power outages, ensure optimal vaccine potency, compliance, and safety in the pediatric sector.

Low Maintenance

Recalibrating devices is as easy as screwing in a lightbulb with our replaceable sensors.

Full Flexibility

Simultaneously monitor and collect data at any scale, whether managing a few or a few hundred vaccine storage units in the pediatric sector.

Getting Smarter

As more parameters are monitored and integrated into pediatric vaccine storage models, sensors yield increasingly precise recommendations for optimal conditions.

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