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On the Laptop

Agriculture Monitoring

Checking Lettuce Growth

Addressing a growing population and reducing your ecological footprint with smart agriculture.

With a smart farming approach to agriculture, farmers can gain a deeper understanding of their crops at a micro scale and conserve resources, thereby minimizing their impact on the environment. Water, fertilizer, seeds, and other resources are utilized with enhanced precision, leading to more efficient production. Moreover, fertilizer and weed treatments are exclusively applied to areas that necessitate them.

Always On

The soil never sleeps, and neither does our 24/7 continuous monitoring. With battery back-up for fertilizer application, watering, and peak yield harvesting, receive notifications even during power outages.

Low Maintenance

Recalibrating devices is as easy as screwing in a lightbulb with our replaceable sensors.

Full Flexibility

Simultaneously monitor and collect data at any scale, whether operating a few or a few hundred crops.

Getting Smarter

As more variables are measured and entered into crop models, sensors produce increasingly accurate recommendations.

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