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Healthcare Environmental Monitoring

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Zero tolerance for errors as equipment failure can lead to spoiled products, lawsuits, and patient harm.

Performing life-saving surgeries and blood transfusions begins with maintaining a safe and healthy storage environment for patient samples, medications, vaccines, and blood samples. To ensure patient safety, it is essential to have an environmental monitoring system that oversees hundreds of refrigerator units, freezers, and other appliances.

Coverage That Never Sleeps

Care teams focus on patient care responsibilities while the system ensures compliance with complex climate control and environmental measurement standards.

Smart Notifications

With 24/7 continuous monitoring, smart device notifications, and battery back-up, never miss an alert even during power outages.

Full Flexibility

Monitor any location within any size facility, whether you are operating a few refrigerators or hundreds of appliances.

Zero Alert Fatigue

Equipment alerts are delivered to the appropriate care team members based on the time of day, day of the week, and other relevant parameters.

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