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Taking Samples

Forensics Lab Monitoring Systems

Image by Braňo

Proper handling and preservation of forensic evidence are crucial

Forensic facilities have a responsibility to assess and store sensitive evidence at the correct temperature and humidity levels. From DNA samples to controlled substances, the integrity of examined evidence must be protected at all times. 

Coverage That Never Sleeps

Ensure the integrity of your biological evidence and never miss an equipment outage with automated system checks, without any employee intervention required.

Real-Time Notifications

Never miss an outage or changes in temperature and humidity levels with 24/7 continuous monitoring, real-time notifications, and battery back-up.

Full Flexibility

Whether operating a small facility or a multi-location site, monitoring systems provide corrective action alerts even during power outages.

Low Maintenance

Recalibrating devices is as easy as screwing in a light bulb with our replaceable sensors. For more restrictive environments, we offer on-site calibration.

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