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Revolutionizing Environmental Monitoring

Customizable, real-time data monitoring with alerts, cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity, affordability, and versatility.


Cutting-edge sensors connect to remote cloud monitoring software, which logs vital information in real-time.

Automated Cloud Management

Connect to compliance monitoring and reporting from mobile or web devices.

NIST Calibration Services

Ensure accuracy and compliance with on-site and off-site management, tracking, alerts, automated review, and calibration of devices.

24/7 Monitoring Visibility

Measure, track, and respond to live alert notifications of humidity, temperature, door status, differential pressure, leak prevention, oxygen, and power failures.

Intelligent Real-Time Alerting

Customize notifications and communication flows for timely preventive action.

Simplified Implementation

Easily install and set up connectivity to internal networks with embedded cellular technology.

Total Compliance Guaranteed

Boost efficiency with automated readings, documentation, and cloud connectivity. 
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Smart Solutions for Any Critical Environment

Discover how our innovative smart monitoring systems are transforming various industries, including forensics, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, vaccines, and food service. 

Forensic Lab

Featured Success Story

Massachusetts State Police Forensics Technology Center

The Massachusetts State Police recently deployed Spider Thermo’s Forensics Lab Monitoring System to ensure the safe storage and preservation of its crime-related evidence.

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